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It’s February…what does that mean?

HelloFebruaryThoughts from from the writings of Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance.

We have completed one month of the year, 2017! Hurrah for us! The beginning of a month is a good time for both reflection and inspiration. Reflection on the past month and inspiration for the coming month and months.

We all know that resolutions made at the beginning of January are based mostly on the past year and what wasn’t done or didn’t happen. Thoughts such as I didn’t generate as much revenue as I had planned, or I didn’t land as many sales or clients as I had hoped. I didn’t…I didn’t…I didn’t…

These thoughts are self-judging and guilt-producing and do little to inspire or motivate. The evidence of this sort of self-limiting thinking is evident at the local gyms. At the beginning of January, you could not find a parking spot. Now, in the first full week of February, there’s ample parking. Read more

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It’s Personal

Personal1All experiences are personal. Each of us has our own story about every experience. Have you ever noticed that two people can be in the same situation at the same time, and still tell different stories about the experience? Read more

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A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name

41393405 - business meeting in a cafeWhat if… you owned the most popular gathering place in town…full of happy customers who brought in so much business that you never had to advertise? Neighbors helping neighbors and business connections being made over coffee and conversation. A real bustling place – reminiscent of Cheers on Beacon Hill. You know and love the characters from that popular TV show. That really is the place where everybody knows your name. Just step inside and see why Boston Magazine chose this Pub as the “Best Neighborhood Bar” in Boston. “We’re still an intimate neighborhood bar – our neighborhood has just gotten a little bigger!”

Now your business might not be a restaurant or bar or coffee shop. It might be a hair salon or real estate or attorney office – it’s the spirit that we’re talking about here. There is a charisma that is inviting and engaging. People are drawn to spend time there. Read more

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Save Hours Every Week with these 3 Tips

Businessman stop time isolated on white background#1  We all take our Networking efforts seriously and are encouraged to meet with people whom we meet and want to get to know better. These after-networking meetings can be very engaging and beneficial to both parties. They can also be very costly.

To make sure that there’s benefit for both you and the contact with whom you meet, be selective about who you give your time to. I am not suggesting that you stop one-on-ones; just be choosey! Read more

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Questions To Ask Yourself

questions-to-ask-yourselfHave you ever noticed that while we have many inquiries for our families, friends, co-workers, staff, and neighbors every day, we rarely ask questions of ourselves? It could be that you are taking on other people’s mindsets rather than framing your own. Take a look at the following questions that could help you with a more positive perspective on your day.

What am I prepared to learn today?

Be a constant learner. Just because you are no longer in school doesn’t mean you have to stop being aware of the wider world. A constant pursuit of learning contributes to your overall well-being. Read more

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A texted TY just doesn’t do it!

truth-isAs a child, I groaned when my mother would sit me at the kitchen table with a note card and pen to write a thank you to grandparents or other relatives for a gift given for a special occasion like a birthday. When I would say in a very whiney voice that I already said, “thank you”, she would insist that a written expression was also necessary.

To quote Albert Schweitzer, “ To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kindness that will stand behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude.” Read more

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More On Promises…

promiseIn my last blog, our focus was on promises we make to ourselves and how we keep them. Have you ever broken a promise to yourself and let yourself down? Of course you have. When I considered that question some years ago, I realized that I was breaking promises to myself more often than I cared to admit.

I was ready to take better care of my health: I’ll start exercising tomorrow. I was ready to stop working 10 – 12 hours a day: I promise to spend more time with my family and friends. I was ready to get out of debt: I will be smarter about expenditures.

And of course, none of those things actually happened because my intentions and attention were not in alignment. Read more

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In my years as a business coach I’ve seen some common themes in my work with business owners. One is a sense of urgency that prompts them to hastily sign up for various coaching and marketing programs, but the programs somehow never seem to produce the promised results.

The reasons given include that the business owner was too busy to attend the sessions, dropped out, or simply failed to get whatever value the sessions were supposed to deliver. It happens more than you think; that the sense of urgency slips away. Or it was a response to the crisis of the moment seeking an instant solution. Or the businessperson just couldn’t sustain the motivation to stick with the program. Read more

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Stop The Overwhelm!

overwhelmhelpHave you noticed that most entrepreneurs and business owners seem to be struggling with the thing we call overwhelm? When the overwhelm buttons are pushed, it seems that madness takes over and clear thinking goes out the window!

The feeling of overwhelm takes on many forms. For instance, it can be an excuse for not taking action. Or it can be the easy position to take when asked how things are going and we don’t want to engage. Or perhaps it’s just a chronic and pervasive feeling in the non-stop environment we live in. Read more

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Where Is Your “A”?

letter-aWe learned early on that excelling was expected. Getting A’s in all subjects meant you were a good student. If you were only average, the next step down was failure. Striving with great motivation meant you would succeed and “be somebody”.

One of the exercises I usually ask my coaching clients to do is the Strengths Finder assessment. The top 5 strengths that are revealed are usually not a big surprise — but they turn out not to be the same strengths that were celebrated by parents and teachers. Read more