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Update Your Business Plan For 2018

Magnified illustration with the word Business Plan on white background.Simply stated, a Business Plan describes how your business creates and delivers value. Of course, if you are to achieve results, your Plan must be put into ACTION.

“It’s not enough to talk about it…you must ask HOW and WHY!” — Inc, Magazine comment on Business Planning. Read more

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It’s February…what does that mean?

HelloFebruaryThoughts from from the writings of Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance.

We have completed one month of the year, 2017! Hurrah for us! The beginning of a month is a good time for both reflection and inspiration. Reflection on the past month and inspiration for the coming month and months.

We all know that resolutions made at the beginning of January are based mostly on the past year and what wasn’t done or didn’t happen. Thoughts such as I didn’t generate as much revenue as I had planned, or I didn’t land as many sales or clients as I had hoped. I didn’t…I didn’t…I didn’t…

These thoughts are self-judging and guilt-producing and do little to inspire or motivate. The evidence of this sort of self-limiting thinking is evident at the local gyms. At the beginning of January, you could not find a parking spot. Now, in the first full week of February, there’s ample parking. Read more

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It’s Personal

Personal1All experiences are personal. Each of us has our own story about every experience. Have you ever noticed that two people can be in the same situation at the same time, and still tell different stories about the experience? Read more

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More On Promises…

promiseIn my last blog, our focus was on promises we make to ourselves and how we keep them. Have you ever broken a promise to yourself and let yourself down? Of course you have. When I considered that question some years ago, I realized that I was breaking promises to myself more often than I cared to admit.

I was ready to take better care of my health: I’ll start exercising tomorrow. I was ready to stop working 10 – 12 hours a day: I promise to spend more time with my family and friends. I was ready to get out of debt: I will be smarter about expenditures.

And of course, none of those things actually happened because my intentions and attention were not in alignment. Read more

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Stop The Overwhelm!

overwhelmhelpHave you noticed that most entrepreneurs and business owners seem to be struggling with the thing we call overwhelm? When the overwhelm buttons are pushed, it seems that madness takes over and clear thinking goes out the window!

The feeling of overwhelm takes on many forms. For instance, it can be an excuse for not taking action. Or it can be the easy position to take when asked how things are going and we don’t want to engage. Or perhaps it’s just a chronic and pervasive feeling in the non-stop environment we live in. Read more

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Mind Your Business

What does it mean to mind your business?

The “minding” of your business means paying attention to the basics of marketing, sales, financial systems, production, distribution, regulations, efficiencies, the customer experience and more. Read more

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Good Intentions

Have you noticed that you have great and good intentions? Intentions such as walking every day, exercising, dusting the fan blades in the dining room, cleaning out the garage, unpacking the boxes in the garage from your move 10 years ago, writing a blog (yeah right!), calling your brother, going to the movie everyone is talking about, etc., etc.

If all it took was good intentions, then we’d all be healthy and fit, rich, living in picture perfect homes with a car in the neatly organized garage, published with a huge following and perfect in all ways imaginable. Read more

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Thriving or Shriveling?

Why do some businesses never make it?

This is a question that haunts me as I coach, observe and interact with many small business owners.

My theory is that the businesses that thrive are constantly and consistently on the look out for new customers while they nurture and foster the relationships they have with their current clients and customers. They are ever conscious of both prospecting and cherishing. If the answer is this simple, then why do business owners neglect these activities? Read more

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This Could Save You Hours Every Week!

#1 – This Could Save You Hours Every Week!


Make sure that if you (as an attorney, insurance agent, financial planner, business coach, etc.) offer a complimentary session that you ask the prospect to complete a questionnaire or assessment before you schedule an appointment. “Tire Kickers” are costly. Be selective about who you give your time to. I am not suggesting that you stop giving complimentary sessions, just be choosey. If a prospect will take the time to complete your assessment, then they’re more apt to be interested in doing business with you . The purpose of the complimentary session is to determine if you and the prospect could each benefit from doing business together. Read more

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D = Drama

Oh the drama of it all! Watch for it. It comes out on Facebook, Tweets, in conversations. Something happens. For instance, a customer registers a complaint that goods were not delivered quite as speedily as expected. The business owner rants. Perhaps he refunds part or all of the shipping charges. The customer begins to vilify the business owner, “he doesn’t care about his business”, “he isn’t professional.” The business owner reacts to having lost money and blames the customer for being unreasonable. Read more