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Table 17 – Your Message Isn’t a Good One!

10 CellPhoneCrowdA colleague and I recently attended a breakfast networking event. We were impressed with the speaker who shared practical steps with attendees for increasing cash flow in their business; a subject that was of interest to many if the attendance numbers were any indication. Read more

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How Dependable Are You?

be dependableBeing dependable is an essential factor in the business of building your reputation. Whether you are a consultant, a mechanic or a banker, it’s impossible to enjoy a good reputation without dependability.

Being dependable is really very simple and can be summed up in one sentence: Read more

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YOU! They Get You in 30 Seconds or Less…

5 30-secs

As business owners, we know that it pays to network. This activity is an important part of our marketing plan and contributes to making our businesses visible to potential customers. Nailing the 30 second introduction or ‘elevator speech’ helps you feel confident and able to represent yourself and your business well. Read more

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Be Smart About Your Networking

Smart NetworkerWhen you decide to attend a Networking event, make sure that it is a highly targeted group of people who could and would use your product or service. Here is a challenge: list every organization you belong to and ask yourself these 3 questions: Read more

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C = Cheerleader

Do you know who your best colleagues and supporters are? Can you list them? Do they know that they landed on your Cheerleader List?

CheerleaderIf “Sally” serves as a Cheerleader for you and your business, how does she do that? Does she open doors for you? Does she sign your praises to the right people? Does she give you great advice? Read more

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Does Networking Work? Discover a Truth about Networking in this Article.

We all know that Networking is important for building a successful business. Skillful networking is the first step in building those important business relationships. And you do want to build good business relationships, right?

There are many myths out there about what networking is all about. And, we’ll bust through one of the biggest myths and suggest another concept. Read more

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10 Tips to Use at Your Next Networking Event

folksJust this morning I learned (again) that most people are not comfortable introducing themselves and their business. It is so important to have this mastered. It is so basic! How can a business owner expect the other small business owners in the networking group to ‘sell’ him when he can’t tell the group what he does? This doesn’t make sense, does it? I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners hone their introduction or “elevator speech”. Read more

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What Savvy Business Networkers are Doing to “Get It”…Do You?

Savvy Business Networkers “Get It”

According to Barbra Streisand, “People who need people…are the luckiest people in the world.” This is not a new story – or song. Since the dawn of time, people have needed people to survive.

The creation of community for support, sharing of resources and information, socialization and camaraderie that coming together can bring, has been recognized as a human need since our ancestors began to inhabit our planet. Read more

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How To Introduce Yourself

“What do you Do?”

…is likely the most common question asked at networking meetings. When someone asks you that question, how do you respond? How to introduce yourself is key. Is your answer concise and memorable, or do you find yourself tripping over words, going on and on because you don’t have a proper answer? Read more