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A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name

41393405 - business meeting in a cafeWhat if… you owned the most popular gathering place in town…full of happy customers who brought in so much business that you never had to advertise? Neighbors helping neighbors and business connections being made over coffee and conversation. A real bustling place – reminiscent of Cheers on Beacon Hill. You know and love the characters from that popular TV show. That really is the place where everybody knows your name. Just step inside and see why Boston Magazine chose this Pub as the “Best Neighborhood Bar” in Boston. “We’re still an intimate neighborhood bar – our neighborhood has just gotten a little bigger!”

Now your business might not be a restaurant or bar or coffee shop. It might be a hair salon or real estate or attorney office – it’s the spirit that we’re talking about here. There is a charisma that is inviting and engaging. People are drawn to spend time there. Read more

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Target Your Market

target-with-people-620x350Webster defines a target as “marked by shots fired at it; something or someone fired at or marked for attack; a goal to be achieved; something or someone to be affected by an action or development”. To target your market for your business marketing is to mark it for your campaign messages. The market you select should heavily influence and ultimately determine your marketing strategy and communication. Read more