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Happy AudienceDo you put off things that you know you “should” do? For instance, taking the time to get a 10 Minute Presentation ready? Wouldn’t it be to your advantage to be able to say, “yes” to every invitation to give a 10 Minute talk – even on the spur of the moment? How would it feel to know that you engaged your audience from the first second and kept their interest until the final second of your presentation? Would it serve you and your business to deliver this marketing outreach in a way that opened doors for potential clients to do business with you?

The Win it ~ Don’t Wing It “Boot Camp” is a “get-‘er-done” program, not a “listen to me talk” session. When we’ve completed the boot camp, you will have done the work, and it will pay off!

You won’t be put on the spot or into the spotlight until it’s time! The weeks leading up to delivering your 10 minute talk will be filled with the work that contributes to developing a great presentation. You will create this free and powerful approach to marketing your business. You’ll walk away feeling confident about your talk, and you will be able to apply what you learn to any presentation in the future.

Each of the sessions are 90 minutes of deep dives into the fundamentals that are basic and important for a powerful performance. And you’ll get personal attention to make sure that you shine in the front of the room.

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