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How to Use PowerPoint in Your 10 Minute Presentation

Picture of Seth Godin saying How to fix your really bad powerpointSeth Godin, author of countless books on Marketing wrote, in Really Bad PowerPoint, “The minute you put bullet points on the screen, you are announcing “Write this down, but don’t really pay attention to it now. People don’t take notes at the opera.”

Research says that text and bullet points are the least effective way to present important information. ClearSlide, the leading sales engagement platform, says that 32% of people fall asleep during PowerPoint presentations and 20 % would prefer to go to the dentist rather than sit through another one!

It’s said that Steve Jobs never used a single bullet point! Not once. He relied on pictures. And carefully selected words or phrases.

Visual Content

Eyeball with lots of colors around it demonstrating Visual Content needed in your 10 minute presentation

Find an image or picture that demonstrates rather than tells why your audience should care about your message. This takes a commitment of time to fully understand your audience and then carefully craft a message that sings to them.

A 10 minute presentation deserves 5 hours of preparation according to presentation masters. It should take 2 ½ hours, including building your highly visual slides, to create a powerful 10 minute presentation that informs, entertains and inspires. The next 2 ½ hours are devoted to rehearsing the delivery including tone, body language, timing, etc.

Don’t be a “winger”!

Don’t blow your opportunity to market your business. There are no shortcuts to excellence. Mastery takes practice.

If you know you could deliver a better 10 minute presentation with some attention to your content and delivery, ask me how!

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