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Lorraine Lane

Professional Business Coach

Lorraine is a results-driven business coach with more than 25 years experience consulting with both large enterprises and small businesses. Her unique approach is helping business owners find their way of doing business– the way that takes advantage of their special talents and interests.

Her practice includes 15 years in the high tech industry in training and development and HR management positions. She founded her business to bring her experience to a broad range of clients, especially local businesses. She learned what it really takes to construct and grow a business by building her own, and she brings that proficiency to her clients. She says, “I love helping entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.”

Today, Lorraine is a speaker, mentor, coach, consultant, author and radio host. She has served in leadership positions with various business groups, was an adjunct faculty member for San Jose State University, Pasco-Hernando State College and St. Leo University and is a mentor with Florida’s Take Stock in Children.


Our Vision

To see that you and your business achieve great success.

Jay Michlin

Business Consultant

Jay Michlin is principal consultant with Lane Business Consulting, serving individuals, technology and small business. Previously his career spanned executive and leadership positions in the high tech industries of California’s Silicon Valley, working with both large companies and small startups. Many of his assignments entailed dramatically improving divisions, or entire companies, and helping advance the careers of their key people. His customers included companies in the energy exploration industry, U.S. national laboratories, advanced manufacturing, finance and retail, as well as major technology companies such as IBM, Sun, and Apple.

In all assignments Michlin has brought dedication to management and leadership, as well as careful attention and mentoring for the people who work with him, several of whom have gone on to Director and VP levels in their own right, or started their own companies.

He routinely works with top management both in his company and among customers, and he is experienced at the Board of Directors level, having twice served on the boards of startup companies. In addition, he has lately extended his experience with work in local government, having been appointed Chair of the Public Works Commission of a major San Francisco Peninsula city.



Our Mission

To bring to individuals, businesses and business communities the skills, insight and perspective that come from our long experience as business owners and as executives in large enterprises. We succeed in our business only when we help you succeed in yours.

Melissa Rogers

Marketing Director

Melissa Rogers serves as Marketing Director for the Lane Business Consulting team.

Her career includes over 25 years of leadership and management in nonprofit organizations. She has led the programming, fundraising, and strategic management efforts for many organizations. For more than a decade, she has served as a facilitator for The Third Option, an award-winning relationship-building program.

Melissa is passionate about supporting others through difficult times through her grief support services.

Her current role as Marketing Director includes all aspects of marketing communications for LBC and includes media campaigns for our clients who require assistance with events and professional gatherings. Providing expertise on client projects and giving our best service is our collective goal.


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