Find Your Voice and Get your presentation ready for the Spotlight
(each session offered twice a day for your convenience!)

Session dates:  10/6    10/13    10/ 20   10/27
Select the time that works best for your schedule.
(11:30 AM or 4:30 PM)
You can attend one or both sessions every day!

Prepare to Rock Your Talk in this 4 session program

What does it mean to Rock Your Talk?
For one thing, you’ll be ready to be in front of the room. Confident. Clear. Certain.
You will know what message your audience wants to hear from you.
You will know how to Hook and Hold your audience’s attention and interest.

You’ll discover:
How to stop wasting marketing opportunities and promote your business
What you need to include in your talk to engage your audience
How to begin and end your presentation so it WOWs
This is your last opportunity in 2021 to get your presentation ready for the front of the room.

What happens if you don’t enroll:
You’ll continue to pass up opportunities to market your business by speaking at networking events, meetings or conferences.
You will be missing out on a way to expand your business and network.
You’ll surely be leaving $$$ on the table. Someone will scoop up your potential clients but….it won’t be you.
You’ll continue to wish you had a talk ready so you could say, “yes” to invitations to speak at  networking events or meetings.
You will say, “Yes” to invitations but will falter and stumble through a less than wonderful presentation and wish you’d take the time to prepare well.
You will continue to let opportunities slip by and will be “unmarketing”™ your business.
You won’t enjoy the rewards of your effort by giving a talk that genuinely interests people to know more about you and your business.
You won’t be availing yourself of the free opportunities to speak about your business with confidence and clarity.
You won’t know the tricks and tips that are shared in the Presentation Blueprint program that help you present like a pro.
You will continue wishing instead of taking action and we both know that wishing doesn’t make it so.
You won’t be one of the action takers who sign up and experience their speaking opportunities take a giant leap in promoting their products and services.
You stay stuck because you don’t invest in yourself and your business.

Register now to get ready to step up and speak to promote your business. Those who are taking action to master this skill are experiencing enhanced visibility in the marketplace and generating increasing numbers of clients, referrals and revenue.  It can happen for you if you take action.