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How to Make Your Presentation Boring, Dull and Tedious

People sleeping during a presentationEveryone who makes a presentation wants to engage the audience and make their presentation enjoyable and memorable. A good presentation can be a business game-changer if — and only if — you are interesting and noteworthy.

Long Winded

Here are some ways that presenters fail when giving a talk. They are long winded, which will lose your audience quickly. If you make your presentation a test of endurance, you will see attention drop rapidly. Condense your information so it’s easily remembered. Be concise. Read more

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Good Hire vs Bad Hire

Book Cover Get It Right or You'll Regret ItGet It Right!

The difference between a good hire vs a bad hire is immense. One of the most important responsibilities of a hiring manager is to “get it right!” In our recently published book, Get It Right or You’ll Regret It, we talk about the lost time and added cost a bad hire can cause a company.

Good Hire

A good hire will add to your company’s culture and contribute to your bottom-line. A good hire fits in, has the same values, understands what needs to be done and doesn’t have to be micromanaged. A good hire is Read more

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Be Visible ~ Even When WFH (Working from Home)

mother of two children working from homeWe’ve been at this Working From Home environment for over a year now. Remember how easy it was to interact with your manager and peers when they were nearby? You could have spontaneous conversations over a cup of coffee or in the hall. You were noticed.

Now you’re working from home and those serendipitous meetings don’t happen. Now you need to take conscious action to be visible. This might seem strange and unnecessary, but it isn’t! When I was working for a high-tech company years ago, I was one of the first employees to be working Read more

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If Not Now…When? Get Your 10 Minute Presentation Ready

Happy AudienceDo you put off things that you know you “should” do? For instance, taking the time to get a 10 Minute Presentation ready? Wouldn’t it be to your advantage to be able to say, “yes” to every invitation to give a 10 Minute talk – even on the spur of the moment? How would it feel to know that you engaged your audience from the first second and kept their interest until the final second of your presentation? Would it serve you and your business to deliver this marketing outreach in a way that opened doors for potential clients to do business with you? Read more

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Do You Want to be a Better than Average Presenter?

People clapping and smiling at a better than average presentationSo, you want to be a better than average presenter! In the Win It ~ Don’t Wing It “Boot Camp” starting March 8th at 4:30 pm (Eastern), you will learn the basics as well as tips and tricks to make your presentation Oscar-worthy.

We’ll start with honing in on a clear message and purpose. Dianna Booher, an author, executive coach and communications expert said, “If you can’t write your message in a sentence, you can’t say it in an hour.” If you don’t know what’s important for your audience to hear from you, then what’s the point!? Read more

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Get and Keep your Audience Attention

speaker in front of an audienceGet and keep their attention during your 10 Minute Presentation

Speakers recognize that the first thing they need to do when standing up in front of an audience is to get and keep their attention. Get them to care. If you don’t get them to care in the first few seconds, you’ve lost your audience.

How do great presenters do this? They are clear with their message. They have a compelling invitation to join them on a journey that inspires, sells products and services, and informs. Read more

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No Bullet Points!

How to Use PowerPoint in Your 10 Minute Presentation

Picture of Seth Godin saying How to fix your really bad powerpointSeth Godin, author of countless books on Marketing wrote, in Really Bad PowerPoint, “The minute you put bullet points on the screen, you are announcing “Write this down, but don’t really pay attention to it now. People don’t take notes at the opera.”

Research says that text and bullet points are the least effective way to present important information. ClearSlide, the leading sales engagement platform, says that 32% of people fall asleep during PowerPoint presentations and 20 % would prefer to go to the dentist rather than sit through another one! Read more

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Tips for Virtual Interviewing

job candidate virtual interviewing with hiring managersWe’re in a virtual interviewing world, a singularly challenging process for both the candidate and you, the hiring manager. Both sides of the interview are having to adjust. Managers and candidates have been educated to conduct in-person interviews where body language, tone and expression matter, but in virtual interviews they are no longer available in the same way. We’re playing a very different game now, and both sides of the screen must learn how to connect and grab attention. Read more

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A Quick Message for Hiring Managers During the Interview Process

Photo of hiring managers stressed during interview processIf you are a hiring manager, you will likely feel some stress during the interview process. Most of the books and articles about hiring are aimed at the job seekers, and the job seeker’s challenge is considered one of the most stressful life experiences. But our focus here is the other side – you, the hiring manager.

Hiring the right fit for your team

Read more

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Virtual World for Hiring Managers & Recruiters

female waving a recruiter on laptop during virtual interviewMuch of the world took a right turn in March of 2020 and became virtual. That included learning a new skill for hiring managers and recruiters.  A poll conducted by Gartner in April of 2020 showed that 86% of interviews for hiring were conducted remotely.

Interviews via ZOOM

Learning to conduct interviews via ZOOM or some other virtual platform takes some skill to keep the conversation going in addition to asking relevant questions. Some managers have commented that they miss the information that came from in-person meetings.  It takes some thought and preparation to make the interview process a good experience for everyone. If possible send a schedule to the candidate and the interviewers who will be participating in the interview process. Allow breaks for the candidate in between interviewers. A big consideration. If you engage in a panel interview make sure that the questions are prepared ahead of time and are assigned to individuals. It’s a big distraction for the candidate to have interviewers overtalking each other.  It can be confusing and does not give the candidate the best opportunity to showcase their qualifications and strengths. Read more