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Ways To Make Your Office Neater

Looking for that pen, article, post-it note, or business card wastes your time and costs you vital revenue. So keeping your workspace neat and organized has a big pay-off.

Does your office feel cluttered? Does your desk have any part of its surface that’s free for you to work on? Are you shuffling piles of paper from one place to another? Read more

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Q4 Is Here; Finish The Year Strong

finish strongQ4 is here. As we head into the final quarter of the year, there’s a lot of hype out there from various coaches, consultants, gurus, trainers and writers. They’re pushing their services to business owners to help us finish the year on a strong note and go into 2020 as a force to be reckoned with.

Do you feel tired, overwhelmed and slightly burned out? With Q4 upon us, we are in the home stretch, and we need to get our mojo back to finish strong. Do you want to crawl across the finish line, or do you want to be a winner in this race? Let’s do a little review and revamping so we go into the final quarter with the attitude of champions. Read more

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Go From Coworker To Manager With Ease

promoted to managerHow ready are you to take on your promotion from staff to manager?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could step into your promotion fully prepared to take on the responsibilities and communicate effectively with all levels in the organization?

There’s a lot of pressure to perform as a new manager and 99% of the time, there is no training or preparation to step up to the challenge.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could wave a magic wand and your wish to make the shift from coworker to manager with ease and comfort, knowing that you have all skills that it takes to successfully step into your new role?

All of this is possible. Want to know how? Read more

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Referrals Are Built with Attention

Build RelationshipsIt’s no secret that referrals and opportunities come to us through other people. No one relishes appearing salesy, and cold calls are out of the question. So referrals are critically important for building a business.

There are easy ways to build a solid referral-based business, and there are other ways that are neither easy nor productive.

The easy way requires that you build, connect and nurture relationships. If you ignore the people you’re connected with, Read more

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How to be Absolutely Dependable

dependabilityAs business owners, we recite the mantra, “We do business with people we know, like and trust”. Implicit in that statement is the expectation of dependability. It’s not possible to have a good reputation and be referable without dependability.

Keep Your Word

Dependability can be defined as keeping your word. Truthfully say what you’re going to do and then do it. It’s as simple as that! Have you ever had the experience of exchanging business cards with someone at a networking event where they Read more

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Make Your Networking Pay Off

Networking Pay OffNetworking is considered the most cost-effective way for small businesses to gain visibility and attract business. Networking is 7 times more likely to generate new business than all other methods of marketing.

Here are some ways to make your networking pay off.

Be selective about the organizations you join and decide to be an active member. Don’t make the mistake of paying for a membership and then never showing up! Read more

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The Nutty Networker

NuttyNetworkerA search on Amazon for “business networking” produces nearly 10,000 results. So many gurus claim to have “the answers” to networking. And there are plenty of nutty suggestions promoted by some of these professed experts.

One such suggestion is: “Network as much as you can! Get off the couch and fill your calendar with as many events (especially free ones) as you can squeeze in. You’ll meet lots of people, collect scores of business cards, and appear to be very busy. Read more

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10 Questions to Start the Week…

  • Have you blocked time on your calendar to get tasks done? Have you noticed that if it isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t get
    Your calendar is a great tool and will work for you if you use it!
  • Have you decided what you need to work on for your business? What time have you reserved each week to work on your business?
  • What impact do you want your business to make in your community? Do you have a written Mission Statement?
  • Have you identified the pain points for your target market? Can you state how your products or services are the answer for their problems?
  • Are you spending too much time in front of your computer, mistaking that for taking action and building your business? Your #1 job is to be cultivating relationships with customers and potential customers.
  • How do you show that you care? If customers and potential customers don’t know that you care, they won’t be loyal.
  • Is your pricing where it needs to be?
  • Do you give your services or products away for free? “Free” is not valued. If you don’t value your products or services, why should anyone else?
  • Where does your marketing focus? On features or results?
  • How do you engage with your customers on a regular basis? Do you have a schedule for making those connections?

There you have it! Important questions to kick off your Monday.