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According to President Eisenhower, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything”. He said in the Army, that in an emergency, the first thing to do is “to take all the plans off the top shelf and throw them out the window.”

“But if you haven’t been planning you can’t start to work, intelligently at least,” he said. Let’s apply that thinking to your business. It is critical to plan. And a plan starts with planning. Your plan is like your GPS. There’s satisfaction in arriving at your destination.  It’s certainly better than not knowing where you are going and what roads will get you there efficiently.

Business Plan 2020A business plan is essential. Following Eisenhower’s thinking, your business plan doesn’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) a 3 ring binder full of prose that you’ll never look at again. We’re not looking for the long commentary and many hours spent writing.

It’s the thinking about what your intentions are for the coming year and noting the actions you’ll take to get to your destination. That’s why a One-Page Business Plan is all you need. You’ll be more likely to take a look at it over the coming months. It’s simple and direct. There’s no room for poetry and prose (unless that’s what you want!)

What’s really important is setting aside some time (an hour is a good start) to think about your accomplishments over the past year and move forward into next year. Complete the One-Page Business Plan Guide and be prepared to rock 2020!

The One-Page Business Plan is available here

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