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Customer ServiceThis is 2015 National Customer Service week. Initiated in 1992 with a Congressional proclamation, Customer Service week has been a recognized event during the first week in October. It is now celebrated in over 60 countries.

The theme this year is “Everyday Heroes”. Use this week-long opportunity to raise awareness of the service you provide to your customers and to show them your appreciation.

Some suggested ways to create some attention and have fun during Customer Service week:

  • Invite customers to enjoy coffee and bagels/muffins/doughnuts one morning.
  • Give each employee a badge that says, “I’m an Everyday Hero” to remind them of their commitment to your customers / patients /clients.
  • Give certificates of appreciation to your customers.
  • Write thank you cards to your customers. Remind them of your service commitment to them.
  • Answer the phone with, “Thank you for calling during Customer Service Week. We are here to help you.”
  • Recognize your service team for their work on your customers’ behalf.
  • Invite customers to come for make-your-own-sundaes one afternoon this week.
  • Share what other fun things you plan to do or have done to bring attention to Customer Service week.

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