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Holiday Networking ~ Ho! Ho! Ho!

There’s no better time to network than the holidays! The abundance of parties, get-togethers, and events makes it easy to connect and socialize. Here are some tips for expanding your networking during the holidays!

Play the Host

Arrange “thank you” lunches and coffees with key clients or customers. This should be a year-round practice, but it’s especially important at this time of year. 

Who are the people who are key business partners? Who gives you referrals? Who are you grateful for?

If you’re grateful and you know it, let it show! (Now you won’t be able to get that kids song out of your head!)

Schedule Parties

It’s impossible to meet one-on-one with everyone in your network over the next few weeks but … you could bring everyone together!

Parties don’t have to be complicated or fancy affairs. Be a connector and host. An Open House or hors d’oeuvres and drinks at a local restaurant work great. And there’s no cleanup on your part!

Be a Guest

If you’re invited, RSVP with a “yes” even if you attend or show up for a limited time. We’re all busy, but don’t use “busy” as an excuse to be invisible. Attend as many events as you can without stressing out.

Give Back

Giving back through volunteering is a service that isn’t to be overlooked. Contributing to your community through donations with cash and hours of service is part of being a good business owner.

Holiday Networking and Marketing

This isn’t the time to go into lengthy detail about your work or business. If someone wants to know more, set up a separate time for you and the interested party to talk, and get back to the real party and holiday celebration. 

One way to market your business is to send handwritten cards. Add personal notes and invitations to meet in the New Year. This amazing networking tactic produces results. One of my clients personally designed a lovely card and wrote a poem of gratitude that generated many phone calls and e-mails in response. She booked coffees and lunches for weeks after the holidays as a result of her invitation. 

Plan Ahead

As you reflect on the past year, ask what worked and what didn’t. Is there someone whom you’ve lost touch with? What marketing paid off? What was a waste of time and money? What produced great results?

Look at your networking activity. Is it paying off? Do you need to tweak what you’re doing and where you’re spending your time? 

Develop a plan for 2023.

Happy Holidays! 

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