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30 second introductionAs business owners, we know that it pays to network. This activity is part of our marketing plan and it is an important activity for business building. Mastering the 30 second introduction, or “elevator pitch,” helps you feel confident and able to represent yourself and your business.

But in reality, those important 30 seconds began ticking earlier, well before you stood up to give your pitch! Why? Because when you walk into a room you are introducing yourself. Your appearance, attitude and actions are speaking. Your competence, website and business cards have preceded you and already set the stage. As you network, others will have already taken notice of your on-line and on-stage appearance.

Make it count! Based on your appearance and approach, people will determine whether or not they are interested in learning more.

This is called “stickiness” for websites. How long people stick around to learn more is important to those who have on-line businesses. In-person stickiness is important, too, for those who rely on relationships to build their business.

Look at yourself with a critical eye. YOU are a walking billboard for your business. Your presence is talking all the time. What are you saying? What are you communicating? Make the message a good one.

In our communication:

  • 55%of what we say is communicated by appearance (live or virtual). It’s based on what you are wearing, how it looks and fits, your hair, nails, shoes, etc., or the appearance (or absence) of your website, colors, copy content, etc. What do people see about you and your business?
  • 38%of communication is based on the tone of your voice and your non-verbal behavior. Are you frowning, avoiding interaction, answering with one word answers, or are you loud, raucous and annoying? What are others hearing about you and your business?
  • 7%of communication is in the words. While this might seem like a small percentage, it is important! Are your words positive and uplifting and inviting? Your business success could depend on it! What is the effect of your words on others as you speak about you and your business?

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