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Magnified illustration with the word Business Plan on white background.Simply stated, a Business Plan describes how your business creates and delivers value. Of course, if you are to achieve results, your Plan must be put into ACTION.

“It’s not enough to talk about it…you must ask HOW and WHY!” — Inc, Magazine comment on Business Planning.

There are many myths out there about Business Plans, so let’s dispel them right now. One myth states that a Business Plan must be lengthy to be good. Untrue. Click here for a One Page Business Plan.

The thicker the 3 ring binder, the less likely you will be to review and adhere to the plan. Make it simple and useful. Make it a one page masterpiece.

Another myth is that the primary purpose of a plan is to get $$$. The real purpose of a Business Plan is to avoid crisis, to support good decisions, and to be in a position to seize opportunities that present themselves.

Here’s another myth. Business Plans are for BIG businesses. Know this, there is magic in writing. The process of writing starts the transformation of ideas into reality and action. The Lone Ranger mentality that many small business owners have does not lead to success. The written words in your plan produce a contract with yourself and your target customers. You are to be taken seriously. And, you will take action on this important plan.

Take the month of December to write your plan for 2018. It’s important to set the direction for your business. You’ll see that your plan, and the thought you put into it, will drive your actions. And your interactions with your customers will be more engaging.

I am happy to answer your questions about the One Page Business Plan. 813-486-2837.

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