Get It RightGet it Right or You'll Regret It Book by Lorraine Lane

Or You’ll Regret It!

A bad hire is a costly mistake estimated to cost anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000. And that doesn’t include the loss of management time, staff productivity and morale, plus the need to restart the hiring process over again. The ripple effect can be felt for months and sometimes years.

Now, here’s the really bad news: 75% of managers admit that at one time or another they’ve hired the wrong person for the job

There is a solution: Tighten your hiring process to ensure that you aren’t making those expensive mistakes by investing in our GET IT RIGHT program.

Here’s what our program, GET IT RIGHT provides:

Update job descriptions so your search gets off to a good start

When managers use outdated job descriptions, they limit the available talent pool.

Learn how to pre-screen and let the cream rise to the top.

 Save yourself a lot of time by learning how to pre-screen masterfully.

Setting the stage for the interview process will save time and you’ll more likely make good hires.

Knowing how to interview, listening beyond the words, and preparing the interviewers in advance will pay off in many ways. When interviewers don’t fully prepare or aren’t skilled at asking the right questions and listening at deeper levels, they routinely mistake polished candidates for the good employees you’re really seeking.

The process of selection needs as much attention as the previous steps.

What needs to happen after the interviews cannot be emphasized enough. It’s more than just making an offer and having it accepted. It includes on-boarding and can last six months or longer. Many good employees are lost for lack of a process to get them solidly aboard.

The hiring process is a combination of due diligence, management of many details, clarity and profound leadership.

We’re here to help hiring managers with this important work.