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Businessman interviewing millennialsMany businesses lose their new hires very soon after they come aboard because their expectations aren’t being met. Candidates need to know what the job they’re interviewing for really is. Embellishing the job or making promises that won’t or can’t be kept are serious violations of the hiring manager’s integrity. Certainly we’re not promoting giving a dismal and depressing description of the job! But make sure the interviewer panel genuinely understand the job’s requirements, tasks and challenges so they can provide honest answers to the candidates.

Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce within the next 2 years and 75% in the next 10 years

Make it a priority to get to know what Millennials consider important in the workplace. While no one likes to be put into a category with his or her individual characteristics dismissed, there are nonetheless some general considerations to take under advisement. Millennials are known to change jobs frequently so the natural loyalty of the Baby Boom generation isn’t to be expected from this generation. The resulting increased turnover is said to cost the US economy $30.5 billion annually. Who can afford this expense?

In addition to pay, the Millennial generation is looking for frequent meetings with managers, so be prepared to meet that need. And consider making it important because when managers meet frequently with Millennials, they are more apt to be engaged and stay with your company longer.

They expect integrity in dealings with employees and customers. A lack of honesty will send them out the door fast.

If you don’t have flexible working hours or some options that allow for diverse working conditions, it’s a good idea to start the conversation now because flex time is one of the top considerations of these potential employees.

The company culture and work environment must be one of trust and open communication. Be prepared with honest answers to describe the company culture. Candidates and new hires will surely ask, and they will have already done research on Glassdoor and other social media. Know what’s out there about the company culture and answer honestly.

It’s a different world and changing by the minute! As hiring managers it’s important to be prepared and ready to answer questions truthfully.

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