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Personal1All experiences are personal. Each of us has our own story about every experience. Have you ever noticed that two people can be in the same situation at the same time, and still tell different stories about the experience?

This fundamental truth is important to remember when interacting with customers. Each of your customers experiences your service in a personal way. The exact same interaction can be excellent and noteworthy for one, and not-so-special for another. The implication of this reality is that experiences designed to serve everyone actually satisfy few. Understanding each customer individually is the route to excellent service.

While it may be out of the question to individualize every single interaction, understanding and customizing for market segments can have tremendous value. For instance, senior clients may enjoy chit-chat and conversation as part of their visit, but younger professionals may prefer a quick interaction that moves them along in a busy day. Knowing the subtle attentions valued by segments of your market is the all-important skill for providing the kind of service that makes you and your business stand out.

Take the time to consider what your customers currently appreciate and what additional attention would highlight your service for them – because it’s personal.

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