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Be a connectorHave you ever gone to a networking event and just took a look around the room? What did you see?

Groups of people talking while others are seated at a table, munching on appetizers or nursing a drink or talking on their phones. Much of the time the groups are people who work together. By contrast, the people at the tables are usually nervous about being there. They are trying to look busy and hope that this will communicate that they aren’t available for conversation.

Go over to a table and introduce yourself! Help them break the ice. Make life a bit easier for them. And, if you are, by chance, a bit nervous yourself, you can overcome your nerves with your intention to be of service to those who are more nervous than you! This is a trick that I used for years to get myself into networking events. Usually people are very grateful for help in getting introduced and into a conversation.

Be a connector. That’s what networking is all about – building relationships. You will be remembered by the introverts at the table because you helped them feel less isolated and welcomed!  The feeling that you belong and are welcomed goes a long way and is so appreciated.

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