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Would you consider yourself to be a Networking Ninja?

The Networking Ninja

The Ninja Networker

Developing some of the qualities of a Ninja would greatly enhance your Networking toolkit.

The following characteristics are attributed to Ninjas:

  • They accept the consequences of their actions.
  • Ninja don’t sweat!
  • Ninja never wear headbands with “ninja” printed on them.
  • Ninja can breathe underwater anytime they want.
  • Ninja can change clothes in less than 1 second.
  • Ninja don’t smoke.
  • Ninja work hard at being Ninja!
  • Ninja always land on their feet.
  • Ninja don’t eat or drink very much, and they never have to go to the bathroom.
  • Ninja don’t play sports.
  • Ninja do not attract attention.
  • Ninja can crush golf balls with 2 fingers, any two fingers.
  • They wear headbands.
  • Ninja can live in your house secretly for days.
  • Ninja can remove their shadow if needed.
  • They go anywhere they want instantly.
  • They can run 100 miles on their hands. (taken from a list on Google)

While it is fun to read about these characteristics, what does this have to do with Networking for your business?

If you want to achieve Mastery in your business, then the Ninja are a good model because they are masters and specialists. Some aspects of the Ninja warrior principles are valuable for application to networking activity.

Being a Ninja is hard work! They use their masterful skills to move stealthily.

Making good decisions about where to show up to network is a prime skill to develop. Showing up at any and all networking events does not demonstrate good and wise decision making. Network at events where your target market shows up. Make sure that the networking events that you participate in are a group of people who can use your products or service. To do otherwise is to waste your valuable time and resources.

Ninja do not attract attention by being quiet or withdrawn. They are social and friendly!
Be Ninja-like in your “getting to know you” actions. Be sure to have your “weapon” ready. Your weapon is your introduction. Sharp like the Ninja’s sword, your introduction is free of dull or unnecessary phrases or words. Remember 12 – 15 well chosen words can tell your story.

Ninja build endurance, agility, strength and flexibility. The important thing is to stretch.
Stretching or going beyond your comfort zone can create options or opportunities that are not yet visible. And, that is what networking is about, isn’t it? To create options and opportunities. The Ninja is always on alert, always aware of the environment.

Ninja feed their mind. They know that knowledge makes you successful. With knowledge comes resourcefulness. When you are seen as a reliable resource, you are recognized as having mastery and adding value. People seek you out because you share your knowledge and information.

When you find the flow in situations and know your place in the flow, you exhibit Ninja qualities. There is a flow and rhythm to networking and when you can dance the dance, you will reap the rewards.

Be Ninja-like in your approach to Networking!

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