We want to help you and your business achieve great success.
Monday, June 5, 2023


We offer training and consulting programs
for both large and small business

Our programs span the critical needs of business, from planning, marketing, recruiting and finance for small businesses, to team building,
leadership skills and executive mentoring for larger business, and customer service skills for all.


As a small business owner, you probably struggle to grow your business. A true referral-based business is probably something you’ve dreamed of.  If this sounds like you, there’s good news: Your struggle can soon come to an end.

Business Mastery Academy

Surrounding yourself with a community of support and encouragement is a big contributor to success. For many business owners, the isolation that results from being an entrepreneur or solopreneur can slowly shut down the enthusiasm and fervor that once fueled and ignited them. In our Business Mastery Academy, we facilitate and nurture a community that engages and reignites the passion of its members for their business ventures.

Small Business Consulting

Being a small business owner is serious business. It’s vital that you take the right actions—each and every day—to improve your bottom line. As business coaches, we work with clients to help them work smarter, improve their productivity and see results for their investment of time, resources and energy.

Professional Coaching

We bring extensive experience with senior executives in operations, planning, marketing, finance, human resources and more. Depending on your situation, we can serve as a “simple” consultant, a coach, or even as a mentor. We can provide overall ideas and support in all aspects of your business, or bring experience in specific areas such as strategy, organization, personnel, recruiting, marketing or finance.

Workshops and Training

We offer a variety of 45-60 minute mini-seminars on today’s hot topics in business and management including Embracing Change, Business Networking, Decision-making and Negotiation. We also offer longer form training programs lasting several weeks on topics such as Creating Organizational Culture, Interviewing, Trust-building in your organization, and Five Star Customer Service.

Customer Service

Whether your business offers a service or a physical product, customer service is the only sustainable edge in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Our unique 10 week Customer Service Program will raise the bar for excellence in your business. We reinforce the customer-focused work already happening and help you make your customer service an outstanding asset.