Coaching in Today’s World

… “ the demand for coaching has multiplied, with the percentage of key leaders who express an interest in coaching…climbing from 10% to between 20 and 35%.”

Coaching works. It has been shown to increase the learning that is intended with training and has a high ROI. According to the Public Personnel Management Journal, “when training is combined with coaching, individuals increased productivity by an average of 88 percent.”

According to The Hay Group, “More than 50% of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches and six out of ten companies offer coaching to mid and senior level managers. ROI from the study is 529%. Coaching is the best strategy/methodology for successful leaders.”

Coaching helps to bring potential to work for you and the organization or business as an individual, team member or leader. A coach provides confidential, individual counsel. A coach is a resource, a sounding board, a collaborator.


Our Mission

To bring to individuals, businesses and business communities the skills, insight and perspective that come from our long experience as business owners and as executives in large enterprises. We succeed in our business only when we help you succeed in yours.

The Benefits of Coaching

The benefit of coaching is accelerated learning and adaptation. Coaching is a commitment by the coach and the person who is being coached to engage in the process for the purpose of enhanced competence and trust of self.

A coach listens for what is most meaningful to you, invites you to deeper awareness about what you genuinely desire and asks the hard questions that spur actions and decisions.

The exchanges between coach and client go beyond just competence or performance enrichment. They are intended to inspire experience and radical shifts, and open new possibilities. Learning to trust your own inner intuitive knowledge and guidance is the result and gift of dedicated coaching.

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