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Embracing Change

You’ve heard the saying, “The only thing constant is change.” We can’t always control what happens around us, but we can control how we react to change.  You will gain tips on how to better manage your emotions and improve your attitude in the face of change!

The Art of Effective Decision-Making

Making decisions is something we all do every day. Knowing how to make good decisions can lead to personal and professional success.  You will learn to avoid the common traps that lead to poor decisions.

Dealing with Difficult People

Don’t lose your temper! Learn ways to deal with disagreements and misunderstandings that result in “win-win” outcomes.  You will learn how to keep your cool and get along better.

Creating Organizational Culture

Working for a company is a lot like living in a community. You may or may not like your neighbors, but you still have to get along. You will find out what kind of personality your work place has and how it can be improved.

Five-Star Customer Service

One of the best aspects of staying at a 5-star hotel or dining at a 5-star restaurant is ‘star’ treatment by the staff.  Take your customer service to new heights by changing the way you feel about your job and the way you perceive your customers.

From Conflict to Collaboration

Most people view conflict as a negative process that produces less than desirable outcomes, including damaged relationships and loss of productivity. You will explore ways to make conflict your friend.

Interviewing 101

How does someone go about finding and hiring a new employee? This course focuses on preparing advertisements and application forms, how to review and screen applications, conduct interviews, and verify information to ensure that it’s correct. Legal issues, such as which questions can and cannot be asked in an interview, will be addressed.

How to Delegate Like a Pro

Delegation is a skill we’ve all heard about, but few of us know how to delegate effectively. If you have subordinates, you must learn how to use delegation as a tool for motivating your team to realize their full potential.

How to Build Trust

Trust is an essential building block for developing successful professional or personal relationships. You will learn the principles of building basic trust and how being more trusting can result in greater achievements and happiness.

Living Leadership

There are many benefits to stepping up to a leadership role in every area of your life. You will discover how you can live leadership and get more out of your life!

Radiating Possibility

A vibrant world of possibility exists beyond your fears, habits, and negative assumptions.  You will learn how you can radiate possibility! This workshop is based on the work of Ben Zander.

What’s My Communication Style?

Getting your message across…priceless! You will learn about your personal communication style and how to use it for maximum results.

Is Your Networking Working?

Networking to build your business isn’t just a series of breakfast or lunch meetings with a group of people who are ‘supposed’ to refer business leads to you.  If you are serious about networking as a marketing strategy to build your business, then learn how to engage in this activity so you get the results you are aiming for.