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Anger Management:  Tempering Tempers

Anger, aggression and violence are an all too frequent sequence of harmful interpersonal behavior in American workplaces.  “Desk Rage” is now evident as a significant problem along with other forms of unhealthy antisocial behavior.  You will learn effective management and prevention strategies to remove this kind of stress from your workplace.

The Art of Effective Decision-Making

Making decisions is something we all do every day. Knowing how to make good decisions can lead to personal and professional success.  You will learn to avoid the common traps that lead to poor decisions.

Dealing with Difficult People

Don’t lose your temper! Learn ways to deal with disagreements and misunderstandings that result in “win-win” outcomes.  You will learn how to keep your cool and get along better.

Five-Star Customer Service

One of the best aspects of staying at a 5-star hotel or dining at a 5-star restaurant is ‘star’ treatment by the staff.  Take your customer service to new heights by changing the way you feel about your job and the way you perceive your customers.

Getting Organized

According to US News and World Report, the average American spends one year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items at home and in the office.  You will gain strategies for controlling your clutter and organizing your office – and maybe your whole life!

Finding Personal Meaning in Your Job

It’s important to value yourself and your role within your organization. Sometimes, feeling more useful just requires a change in perspective. You will get tips on how to find personal meaning in your job!

Negotiating Anything

We’ve all encountered those gifted people who have mastered the art of negotiating all types of deals – from financial to behavioral change. Ever wish you were one of them? You will better understand the goals and strategies needed to improve your ability to negotiate any kind of deal.

Radiating Possibility

A vibrant world of possibility exists beyond your fears, habits, and negative assumptions.  You will learn how you can radiate possibility! This workshop is based on the work of Ben Zander.

What’s My Communication Style?

Getting your message across…priceless! You will learn about your personal communication style and how to use it for maximum results.

Is Your Networking Working?

Networking to build your business isn’t just a series of breakfast or lunch meetings with a group of people who are ‘supposed’ to refer business leads to you.  If you are serious about networking as a marketing strategy to build your business, then learn how to engage in this activity so you get the results you are aiming for.

Myths About Referral Generation

As business owners we all know the critical role of referrals for finding clients and customers. We dislike cold calling and we don’t want to be salesy. So referrals are important to building our businesses.

There are easy ways to build a solid referral-based business, and other ways that are neither easy nor productive. This discussion, based on extensive research, covers what has worked for Lane Business Consulting, and can work for you.

Behavior Observation

The Golden Rule is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But working with clients, customers, partners and suppliers, the Platinum Rule is what counts: Do unto others as they would wish done unto them. This discussion will help you quickly, through observation, understand how best to communicate and work with a wide variety of people, better serving them, and advancing your organization or business.