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photo of an eye looking at 2021. Do you set goals for yourself or your business? If not, how do you know you’re making progress? When was the last time you allowed yourself to daydream about the type of life you want? And then there’s that ever-popular question: What is your WHY? Creating a Vision Board has become popular in recent years. Especially as the New Year approaches and people think about the past year and the New Year’s resolutions they mean to keep.

A Vision Board (or Vision Map) is simply a tool that helps you visualize your dreams and goals.

How so, you ask? Let’s explore the ways…

  1. A Vision Board helps you focus on what’s really important to you. Whether you combine a personal vision board with a professional one or keep them separate, thinking about what you want in life or in business invites you to prioritize what’s important.
  2. Visualization stimulates the creative side of your brain. Your vision board can serve as a daily reminder of what you dream to achieve. With your creativity soaring, keep a notebook handy to jot down ideas you have for a new program or a new way to market your business.
  3. Focusing on goals helps you recognize new resources or opportunities. Visualizing yourself living in a warmer climate (or whatever your primary goal is) will motivate you to work towards that goal, and you’ll also notice new opportunities or resources that can accelerate reaching your goal. Those resources may have always been there, but now that you’re focused on your goal you’ll see them in a new light.
  4. Break out of your comfort zone. Are you stuck in a rut? Acknowledging big goals – as scary and outrageous as they may be – will help you step out and take on new challenges, all focused on reaching your goal. If your goal is to speak in front of an audience of 5,000 at a conference, then you’ll start to see and seize more opportunities for smaller speaking engagements. These smaller gigs will give you lots of practice and build your name recognition so when the organizers of your favorite conference look for speakers, you’ll be prepared to submit your name.
  5. Seeing a big goal pushes you out of the daydream and into action. Nothing happens without some action on your part. Vision Boards are not magic tricks; they’re a tool that spurs you into action because you finally have defined what you want. Visualize your 2021 and take action steps that lead you to that vision.

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