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Businessman stop time isolated on white background#1  We all take our Networking efforts seriously and are encouraged to meet with people whom we meet and want to get to know better. These after-networking meetings can be very engaging and beneficial to both parties. They can also be very costly.

To make sure that there’s benefit for both you and the contact with whom you meet, be selective about who you give your time to. I am not suggesting that you stop one-on-ones; just be choosey!

In a preliminary conversation, ask enough questions to know if this business prospect has any interest in doing business with you, and whether you have genuine interest in doing business with them.

#2  How do you keep track of the business-related information that you collect at networking events? Who said they wanted to arrange another meeting with you? Who was it that you wanted to follow up with? Who said they wanted to refer you to a potential client? The lack of follow-up is by far the most talked about issue with my clients. Take the time to develop a follow-up strategy and process for that critical part of networking. So many opportunities are lost because the follow-up action didn’t happen. Are you leaving money on the table because you aren’t doing the simple follow-up?

#3  An all-important question to ask yourself frequently during the day is, “what is the best use of my time right now?” We all consider ourselves to be busy people, but often we aren’t busy doing the important things. Facebook is not an important thing!

Learn to eliminate activities that take up your time, attention and resources but don’t really add value to your business or your customers. Do this! You will see hours of productive time added to your week. I guarantee it! When I looked at those activities that added no value, I was surprised. Eliminating them was one of the best things I did for my business…and my own sanity!

It isn’t easy to eliminate those “keep you busy” activities and tasks. Just do it for 2 weeks. Reduce the time you spend on useless work or idle “busyness,” and you’ll see a marked improvement in the service you provide your customers. And you will notice that your to-do list isn’t as long or cumbersome.

It’s the important things that really matter.

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