Women Speakers Association (WSA) Tampa Bay Global Business Connector

Photo of Lorraine LaneI am excited to announce that I am the Women Speakers Association (WSA) Tampa Bay Global Business Connector!

What does that mean?  My mission and commitment are to help local women find their voice, market and monetize their message and leverage their business. Connecting women to the people, training, and resources to support their business and goals is a mission that I’ve nurtured for many years. The affiliation with WSA provides a platform for my vision to become a reality.

My goal is to build a community of women who think and dream big and want to think BIGGER and who understand the importance of coming together in support and collaboration.

Since 2011, WSA has been the #1 platform for women getting their message heard and supports women in over 120 countries with a global success system. WSA is all about supporting women to find and connect with their authentic voice and speak their message whether it’s through writing, podcasts, career advancement, or speaking.

My vision for the Tampa / Hernando community is to provide an opportunity for emerging and established women leaders who crave more visibility and recognition as professionals and are looking for growth potential in their careers and life. This is an extraordinary opportunity for women to come together and benefit from the power of a local and global community where they will receive support to raise their voices to inspire change and engage in opportunities to grow, impact, inspire and influence.

It is important to stay connected when circumstances are working to keep us apart. This community will provide resources and strong support. I am hosting on-line events, Connect & Collaborate that provide a forum for women to come together, get to know each other and spend some quality time with each other to connect on a deeper level that our ordinary conversations allow.

The Vision

If we’re called to make a difference, then we must find our voices and speak up, take a stand and show up.Photo of Lorraine Lane

Allowing ourselves to hide behind the loud voices and silence ours is not the way of courage and truth.

Workplace cultures are often made up of people who dominate and others who are quiet in the face of the more aggressive voices. Feeling uncomfortable with speaking up at work can impact performance, career mobility and the sense of confidence. It is often stifling and eventually you disappear or become invisible.

It’s not about talking and saying nothing. It’s about finding that voice that talks in your head and has many conversations – with no one but you listening!

Women Speakers Association is building the Tampa Bay community and invite you to join a growing community of women who connect with one another as sources of inspiration and personal commitment.

When you join Women Speakers Association, you will access both local and global communities with members in over 120 countries.

As Tampa’s Global Business Connector, I am committed to support you with tools, resources and trainings to grow your business and add to your skills. Our goal is to inspire your mind and heart and bring the best of each other to each other.

Learn more about WSA here