The A-Game Program

Business-Building Referrals

As a small business owner, you’re likely struggling with how to grow your business and how to generate those coveted referrals. If you are spending tons of time on activities that promise referrals but you don’t seem to be generating the rewards for your efforts, the A-Game may be right for you.

Would you like to…

  • develop total clarity on the uniqueness of your product or service?
  • finally get a grip on who is your ideal customer?
  • understand your prospects’ mindset, so you can speak their language?
  • build a list of potential referral partners, and learn how to really connect with them?
  • avoid the use of loser language that sends your customers and prospects to your competition?

…and learn (once and for all) how to get those referrals – easily?

If you answered, “yes” to any of the above questions, then we invite you to join a group of like-minded small business owners in our ten-week program:

The A-Game of Business-Building Referrals


As a participant in the A-Game, you’ll learn all about the four As (Awareness & Attention, Authenticity, Attraction and Action), the foundational principles you must have in place for generating the kind of referrals that build businesses.

When you join us in the A-Game of Business-Building Referrals, you will…

  • understand what it takes to build a thriving referral business.
  • learn how to create a business environment that wins referrals.
  • discover how to laser-focus your marketing efforts, opening the floodgates for customers to flow into your business.
  • create your own unique benefit statement that will give prospects a clear picture of your product or service.
  • learn how to attract clients using a proven method.
  • discover the right actions to take to move your business forward.
  • and build your business with ease and confidence.

In addition to the weekly group sessions, each group member will receive individualized training and coaching.

“I recommend the A-Game Program for every small business owner because it was of such value to me. I now have a solid base of referral partners and a steady stream of clients. I’ve learned to be present with my clients and listen to their needs and how my service can help them.” — Jim Schaefer, President, RealReach Marketing

We’ll answer your questions, and help you find your voice so that you “speak your business” using just the right words—the words that will attract clients to you.

We guarantee that by the end of the ten-week program, you will:

  • know how to create a winning environment.
  • be able to feel natural and confident in front of clients and prospects.
  • understand how to apply your unique style to your business.
  • know exactly what it takes to build a referral business that wins customers easily.

It’s easier than you might imagine.  Join the notification list for the next A-Game of Business-Building Referrals program.