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In my years as a business coach I’ve seen some common themes in my work with business owners. One is a sense of urgency that prompts them to hastily sign up for various coaching and marketing programs, but the programs somehow never seem to produce the promised results.

The reasons given include that the business owner was too busy to attend the sessions, dropped out, or simply failed to get whatever value the sessions were supposed to deliver. It happens more than you think; that the sense of urgency slips away. Or it was a response to the crisis of the moment seeking an instant solution. Or the businessperson just couldn’t sustain the motivation to stick with the program. Read more

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Answer The Phone!

Answer the Phone

Do you remember the “old days” when phones were just phones? The ability and perceived necessity to connect quickly caused phones to become a commodity. Now, phones have evolved into tiny computers or so-called “smart phones”. They suffer from “featuritis” and have apps for everything from address books, Internet access, e-mail, texting, IM, games, bookkeeping and other office applications, audio/video, camera, radio, TV, calculator to GPS! Even with all this, your smart phone lacks one special feature that only you can provide – and that is – phone etiquette! Read more

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C = Cheerleader

Do you know who your best colleagues and supporters are? Can you list them? Do they know that they landed on your Cheerleader List?

CheerleaderIf “Sally” serves as a Cheerleader for you and your business, how does she do that? Does she open doors for you? Does she sign your praises to the right people? Does she give you great advice? Read more