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Culture Fit or Misfit

job candidate shaking hand of interviewerCandidates are cautioned to carefully probe into a company’s culture to ensure that both they and the organization are a fit. There are many horror stories told by candidates who by-passed signals that they culture was not a fit for them and that led to either leaving the job within months or getting fired because they didn’t fit in.

It’s a hot job market

It’s a hot job market so it’s tempting as a hiring manager to rush the let the important details slip. One of those details is the deep dive into making sure that the candidate and the organization are compatible. Be cautious. There’s a cost of going too fast – you’ve heard the saying, “Go slow to go fast”. It certainly applies here. Read more

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How To Conduct A Resume Review

Resume ReviewReviewing resumes is an important skill for hiring managers. The process begins way before you have a copy of a candidate’s resume on your desk. It starts with a good job description and role profile. Both will provide a foundation for the resume review.

When you know the key skills, qualifications, traits and experience that are critical, and the education requirements you are looking for, then the task of reviewing resumes will be decidedly easier and far more effective.

One sometimes overlooked part of a resume is the cover letter. A well-written cover letter will address the important points you’ve outlined in the job description. When I served as a recruiter for a high-tech company, there were many times when the cover letter was the clincher for adding an applicant to the list of candidates to be interviewed. Read more

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Hiring Manager’s Guide: Preparing the Interview Team

Preparation Takes Time, But It Pays Off

Resume sitting on Hiring Manager's DeskOne of my observations when working with hiring managers was the tendency to wing it. The “it” was the interview process. But preparation is so important. Hiring managers expect candidates to have done their homework before coming to an interview, and it makes just as much sense for hiring managers to prepare.

To be sure, preparation takes time, but it pays off. You’ll gauge the candidate’s qualifications and skills more effectively if you are prepared, and the candidate will have a better experience too.

Here are some tips to prepare ahead of time for an interview. Read more

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How to Get the Best Job Candidates By Using First Rate Prescreening Tactics

What is Prescreening?

Prescreening A CandidatePrescreening is a process that, when executed well, can save you hours of time and lots of headaches. It pays off because you’ll bring in only the qualified candidates for interviews, and your interview team will be grateful that they will be interviewing job seekers who have scored well in the prescreening process.

What Does Prescreening Include?

Prescreening includes an in-depth review of the candidate’s resume, cover letter and whatever social media is allowed by your company’s policies. This Read more

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Are Candidates Turning Down Your Job Offers?

In a recent meeting with local managers, I was asked about job offers being turned down. After having spent hours in the recruitment process and narrowed the search down to the favored candidate only to have an offer rejected is a big disappointment. And, calls for some focused attention.

As the economy is revving up, hiring qualified candidates to fill the inevitable job openings will renew the race for talent. The hiring process is time consuming, and hiring managers would do well to get it right, as we describe in our recently published book, Get It Right. Get It Here!

Read more

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Job Description – Get It Right

The most important step for finding qualified candidates for your job opening is writing a good job description. Using a job description written 15 years ago may appear straightforward and easy, but in reality it will probably drive away the most qualified candidates. It only makes sense, doesn’t it? Read more

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Recruiting with Retention in Mind

Businessman interviewing millennialsMany businesses lose their new hires very soon after they come aboard because their expectations aren’t being met. Candidates need to know what the job they’re interviewing for really is. Embellishing the job or making promises that won’t or can’t be kept are serious violations of the hiring manager’s integrity. Certainly we’re not promoting giving a dismal and depressing description of the job! But make sure the interviewer panel genuinely understand the job’s requirements, tasks and challenges so they can provide honest answers to the candidates.

Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce within the next 2 years and 75% in the next 10 years

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Talent Acquisition Process

Baby boomer retired couple jumping for joy on beachTen thousand Baby Boomers are retiring every day, and if that hasn’t affected your business already, it will soon. Sooner than you might expect you will have jobs to fill as well as knowledge and process gaps that you may not have planned for.

What are you doing to fill these openings and protect your business from the loss of all that experience to retirement?

What recruiting efforts do you have in place?

How can you improve your talent acquisition quickly and strategically?

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