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Virtual World for Hiring Managers & Recruiters

female waving a recruiter on laptop during virtual interviewMuch of the world took a right turn in March of 2020 and became virtual. That included learning a new skill for hiring managers and recruiters.  A poll conducted by Gartner in April of 2020 showed that 86% of interviews for hiring were conducted remotely.

Interviews via ZOOM

Learning to conduct interviews via ZOOM or some other virtual platform takes some skill to keep the conversation going in addition to asking relevant questions. Some managers have commented that they miss the information that came from in-person meetings.  It takes some thought and preparation to make the interview process a good experience for everyone. If possible send a schedule to the candidate and the interviewers who will be participating in the interview process. Allow breaks for the candidate in between interviewers. A big consideration. If you engage in a panel interview make sure that the questions are prepared ahead of time and are assigned to individuals. It’s a big distraction for the candidate to have interviewers overtalking each other.  It can be confusing and does not give the candidate the best opportunity to showcase their qualifications and strengths. Read more

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Culture Fit or Misfit

job candidate shaking hand of interviewerCandidates are cautioned to carefully probe into a company’s culture to ensure that both they and the organization are a fit. There are many horror stories told by candidates who by-passed signals that they culture was not a fit for them and that led to either leaving the job within months or getting fired because they didn’t fit in.

It’s a hot job market

It’s a hot job market so it’s tempting as a hiring manager to rush the let the important details slip. One of those details is the deep dive into making sure that the candidate and the organization are compatible. Be cautious. There’s a cost of going too fast – you’ve heard the saying, “Go slow to go fast”. It certainly applies here. Read more

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How to Get the Best Job Candidates By Using First Rate Prescreening Tactics

What is Prescreening?

Prescreening A CandidatePrescreening is a process that, when executed well, can save you hours of time and lots of headaches. It pays off because you’ll bring in only the qualified candidates for interviews, and your interview team will be grateful that they will be interviewing job seekers who have scored well in the prescreening process.

What Does Prescreening Include?

Prescreening includes an in-depth review of the candidate’s resume, cover letter and whatever social media is allowed by your company’s policies. This Read more

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Are Candidates Turning Down Your Job Offers?

In a recent meeting with local managers, I was asked about job offers being turned down. After having spent hours in the recruitment process and narrowed the search down to the favored candidate only to have an offer rejected is a big disappointment. And, calls for some focused attention.

As the economy is revving up, hiring qualified candidates to fill the inevitable job openings will renew the race for talent. The hiring process is time consuming, and hiring managers would do well to get it right, as we describe in our recently published book, Get It Right. Get It Here!

Read more

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Job Description – Get It Right

The most important step for finding qualified candidates for your job opening is writing a good job description. Using a job description written 15 years ago may appear straightforward and easy, but in reality it will probably drive away the most qualified candidates. It only makes sense, doesn’t it? Read more

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Recruiting with Retention in Mind

Businessman interviewing millennialsMany businesses lose their new hires very soon after they come aboard because their expectations aren’t being met. Candidates need to know what the job they’re interviewing for really is. Embellishing the job or making promises that won’t or can’t be kept are serious violations of the hiring manager’s integrity. Certainly we’re not promoting giving a dismal and depressing description of the job! But make sure the interviewer panel genuinely understand the job’s requirements, tasks and challenges so they can provide honest answers to the candidates.

Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce within the next 2 years and 75% in the next 10 years

Read more

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Ways To Make Your Office Neater

Looking for that pen, article, post-it note, or business card wastes your time and costs you vital revenue. So keeping your workspace neat and organized has a big pay-off.

Does your office feel cluttered? Does your desk have any part of its surface that’s free for you to work on? Are you shuffling piles of paper from one place to another? Read more

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Q4 Is Here; Finish The Year Strong

finish strongQ4 is here. As we head into the final quarter of the year, there’s a lot of hype out there from various coaches, consultants, gurus, trainers and writers. They’re pushing their services to business owners to help us finish the year on a strong note and go into 2020 as a force to be reckoned with.

Do you feel tired, overwhelmed and slightly burned out? With Q4 upon us, we are in the home stretch, and we need to get our mojo back to finish strong. Do you want to crawl across the finish line, or do you want to be a winner in this race? Let’s do a little review and revamping so we go into the final quarter with the attitude of champions. Read more

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Go From Coworker To Manager With Ease

promoted to managerHow ready are you to take on your promotion from staff to manager?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could step into your promotion fully prepared to take on the responsibilities and communicate effectively with all levels in the organization?

There’s a lot of pressure to perform as a new manager and 99% of the time, there is no training or preparation to step up to the challenge.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could wave a magic wand and your wish to make the shift from coworker to manager with ease and comfort, knowing that you have all skills that it takes to successfully step into your new role?

All of this is possible. Want to know how? Read more