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Drama is Addictive

Stop the dramaHave you noticed all the drama that surrounds us on a daily – no hourly– basis? It’s tiring and sometimes irritating, though sometimes fun! Watch for it. It’s on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, and it appears in many conversations.

Something happens. An expected shipment doesn’t arrive on time. A call is made to the business by the customer. A rant ensues. Perhaps a refund is made, or the entire order is reshipped. The customer still isn’t happy and begins to vilify the business on social media and to anyone who will listen. Charges are made about the business owner. “He doesn’t care about his customers!” “He isn’t professional!” The business owner reacts to having lost money and blames the customer for being unreasonable. Each tries to outdo the other with escalating finger pointing and tirades. The drama intensifies.

How can we STOP the damn drama? Read more

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Non-Stop Business: How to Generate Sales

Too many small business owners are stuck in the “once and done” style of doing business. You know, make a sale and then find someone else to sell to.

One way to get customers to become steady clients is to create and offer them a buying schedule. Marketing professionals call this “till forbid”. This is an on-going buying arrangement in which the seller keeps sending product or providing service till told to stop. Read more