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Whenever there is a discussion about Values, Integrity comes up as a fundamental necessity upon which to build a business and the relationships that are so necessary. The meaning of Integrity is described as Honesty, Trust, Keeping Your Word.

Since Integrity is such a fundamental requirement for businesses, it is amazing when it is sorely lacking. A recent encounter with a local business has created an amazing example of the total absence of integrity and no understanding of the costs associated with the total lack of common sense. While I do not want to name the business that provided such shabby service to one of my clients, I consider my referral to be the very last one that I will ever send his way. There is no excuse for being an ass and treating people with disrespect.

Let it be known Mr. Businessman that you not only lost my client’s business but she will never refer anyone to you. I will not refer anyone to you. For a lousy few $$, you have hurt the movement to Shop Local. When people try to shop local and are treated with such a lack of respect, you hurt the local economy–shame on you for your lack of integrity.

I am using this recent example of the lack of integrity to heighten the awareness of importance of this value for doing business. How do your customers or clients experience your integrity?


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