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#1 – This Could Save You Hours Every Week!


Make sure that if you (as an attorney, insurance agent, financial planner, business coach, etc.) offer a complimentary session that you ask the prospect to complete a questionnaire or assessment before you schedule an appointment. “Tire Kickers” are costly. Be selective about who you give your time to. I am not suggesting that you stop giving complimentary sessions, just be choosey. If a prospect will take the time to complete your assessment, then they’re more apt to be interested in doing business with you . The purpose of the complimentary session is to determine if you and the prospect could each benefit from doing business together.

#2 – How You Follow Up Could Save You Time!


Keep track of the business-related information that you collect at Networking events. Who was it that you wanted to follow up with? Who said they would refer you to a potential client? Their own lack of follow up always comes up as a major issue for many of my clients. Developing a strategy and process for that crucial follow up is a basic focal point for a well-designed marketing plan. Do you follow up with a letter, a phone call or an e-mail? You must have a defined way to follow up or you will lose the opportunity because you did not take action.

#3 – Ask An Important Question

best use of time

Ask yourself this question a couple of times during the day, “What is the best use of my time right now?” It may surprise you to realize that while you consider yourself busy, you might not be busy about the most important things.

Eliminate activities that suck up your time and resources but don’t add value to your business or to your customers. If you do this, you will add 7 – 12 hours of productive time to your work week, and you will see your bank account grow. I guarantee it.

It is not easy to eliminate those “keeping you busy” activities. Some of them are fun! After just a couple of weeks of paying attention to reducing the time you spend on useless work or idle ‘busyness’, you will begin to see the benefit of your vigilance.

These are time saving considerations and they are revenue generators too. When you pay attention to the important things, everything begins to flow in the direction of success!


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