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All Hat No Cattle

I came across this Texas saying that refers to someone who is all talk and no substance. This also suggests one of the biggest misconceptions of businesses owners They have a good idea for a business but don’t know how to pull it off. The same saying, all hat – no cattle, can also refer to the talked about desire to build a big business with little or no investment in the practical marketing and market development required to get the business moving.

I work with professionals and entrepreneurs who provide a great product or service. They have taken risks to create great businesses, yet they struggle for lack of customers. Why?

A common pattern is that:

(1) they are not skilled at marketing.

(2) they compound their problem by refusing to learn good marketing skills

(3) they engage someone to help them with their marketing but hand off the critical responsibilities for work only they can do.

6 Money Out the window

Throwing a little money at occasional advertising is not effective. Attending a workshop or two isn’t the answer either. What needs to happen is understanding the dynamics of marketing, and it takes real work to get that kind of understanding. It doesn’t happen by itself, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

We’ve all heard Einstein’s definition of insanity:

Doing the same thing over and over, while expecting a different result!

There are hundreds of business owners who put their life savings into a new business absolutely knowing they can provide a great service at a fair price. Since they’ve invested everything in the business, there’s no money, energy or time left for marketing, and within a year, the business closes its doors. What a waste! The community loses a valuable service, and a person’s life savings are gone.

Invest, invest, invest in marketing! And perhaps more important, invest in LEARNING HOW to market! There are many great trainings, books and manuals to help you! If you don’t have enough customers, treat this as a skill problem and do what it takes to get better at attracting the customers that are there for you.

If it would serve you and your business to rapidly and reliably get better at marketing to attract more and better customers, get a coach! Not just any coach. Someone with good and demonstrated experience.

Can you afford to join the All Hat/ No Cattle club!?

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