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dependabilityAs business owners, we recite the mantra, “We do business with people we know, like and trust”. Implicit in that statement is the expectation of dependability. It’s not possible to have a good reputation and be referable without dependability.

Keep Your Word

Dependability can be defined as keeping your word. Truthfully say what you’re going to do and then do it. It’s as simple as that! Have you ever had the experience of exchanging business cards with someone at a networking event where they say they’ll contact you with some information or a referral… but you don’t hear from them? When you see them again and mention that the promised information never reached you, they apologize. They promise to send it to you this time. But chances are they won’t. They are showing you they aren’t dependable. If you find yourself in this sort of situation, making a promise to provide information and then getting caught up in everyday busyness instead, you are demonstrating that you can’t be depended on. And, certainly that’s not the message you intend to communicate.

It’s so easy to make a promise when you’re standing in front of someone, and so easy to forget or just plain get busy about other things. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. The solution is really quite simple. Write things down on your calendar!

Keep Your Promises

You absolutely mustchange this behavior and deliver on your commitments. Figure out what the very next step is after you make a promise or commitment. Keep a small notebook handy to write action steps or use your phone’s notebook app. Put the commitment on your calendar or task list. Make sure you contact the person to whom you made the promise to let them know if there’s a delay.

Get known as someone who is dependable. Your business reputation depends on it!

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