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  • Have you blocked time on your calendar to get tasks done? Have you noticed that if it isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t get
    Your calendar is a great tool and will work for you if you use it!
  • Have you decided what you need to work on for your business? What time have you reserved each week to work on your business?
  • What impact do you want your business to make in your community? Do you have a written Mission Statement?
  • Have you identified the pain points for your target market? Can you state how your products or services are the answer for their problems?
  • Are you spending too much time in front of your computer, mistaking that for taking action and building your business? Your #1 job is to be cultivating relationships with customers and potential customers.
  • How do you show that you care? If customers and potential customers don’t know that you care, they won’t be loyal.
  • Is your pricing where it needs to be?
  • Do you give your services or products away for free? “Free” is not valued. If you don’t value your products or services, why should anyone else?
  • Where does your marketing focus? On features or results?
  • How do you engage with your customers on a regular basis? Do you have a schedule for making those connections?

There you have it! Important questions to kick off your Monday.

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