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In a recent meeting with local managers, I was asked about job offers being turned down. After having spent hours in the recruitment process and narrowed the search down to the favored candidate only to have an offer rejected is a big disappointment. And, calls for some focused attention.

As the economy is revving up, hiring qualified candidates to fill the inevitable job openings will renew the race for talent. The hiring process is time consuming, and hiring managers would do well to get it right, as we describe in our recently published book, Get It Right. Get It Here!

After the long and arduous process of writing a job description, sorting through resumes for qualified candidates, conducting pre-screening, and bringing in the top candidates for interviews, hiring managers are surprised when their job offered is declined.

Let’s look at some of the reasons that I’ve seen most often.

One of the important skills a hiring manager needs to develop is selling. Yes, selling the company and its benefits. The ability to paint a picture of the company and its vision and mission to a potential employee is important for satisfying curiosity and engaging a “yes” to your offer.

Certainly, another main reasons an offer is declined is compensation, which includes both salary and benefits. I encourage hiring managers to be prepared to talk about the company’s benefit package and not leave this question to HR. When hiring managers aren’t able to answer a candidate’s inquiry about benefits, it doesn’t speak well for the benefits or for the manager.

Pay careful attention to the candidate’s answers to your questions. If candidates indicate they are in the job market looking for a better workplace culture, make sure you speak to the inclusive and better culture in your company. Remember, it isn’t always the salary that motivates candidates to be searching for other employment.

Make sure that you provide a great experience for the candidates you selected to speak with, whether in a pre-screen conversation or a more formal interview. Prepare your interview team, too. Stress that being on time and ready for the meeting is important. You’ll be noticing if the candidate shows up on time, whether in person or virtual, and the candidate will notice the same about you. Know that you too are being interviewed! If you’re late or not prepared for the interview meeting, you are likely to communicate something you don’t intend. Job seekers are researching your company and noticing how you are treating them. If you ask obvious questions about their resume, or if every interviewer asks the same questions, your candidates won’t be impressed.

Take the time to prepare and plan. It will serve you and your potential candidates well. If your job offers gets turned down, ask why. Don’t assume you know why. The answers might surprise you. If your process isn’t working in your favor, it’s time to revise it so your offers get accepted.

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