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speaker in front of an audienceGet and keep their attention during your 10 Minute Presentation

Speakers recognize that the first thing they need to do when standing up in front of an audience is to get and keep their attention. Get them to care. If you don’t get them to care in the first few seconds, you’ve lost your audience.

How do great presenters do this? They are clear with their message. They have a compelling invitation to join them on a journey that inspires, sells products and services, and informs.

It isn’t a requirement to memorize your talk so it’s perfect. In fact, it’s better not to. The audience won’t remember your talk word for word anyway. They will remember only how you reached them and how you made them feel.

You capture your listeners by speaking from your heart. Steve Jobs was recognized as a powerful speaker. He knew that data is useful to illustrate a point, but data by itself isn’t enough. By contrast, learning to engage your audience’s emotions is 100% guaranteed to keep their attention and impact them with your message.

Use Powerful Images

Beautiful photo of man lifting his arms and the sun shining above mountainsOne aspect of doing that is to use powerful images. We know that “A picture is worth 1,000 words”. Researchers call this the “Picture Superiority Effect.” It states that we humans learn and recall information presented as pictures far more easily than words. We remember visuals better, and our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster. Amazing isn’t it!

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