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Too many small business owners are stuck in the “once and done” style of doing business. You know, make a sale and then find someone else to sell to.

One way to get customers to become steady clients is to create and offer them a buying schedule. Marketing professionals call this “till forbid”. This is an on-going buying arrangement in which the seller keeps sending product or providing service till told to stop.

generate salesHow can you encourage your customers to become steady, repeat clients?

Book-of-the-month clubs, fruit-of-the-month clubs, monthly or yearly service agreements are examples of this sort of scheduled buy.

The service is turned on and customers are billed until they say, “stop”. Could you offer the same sort of service or product for your customers? It is worth thinking about!

I helped several clients develop programs that are bringing in monthly revenue.

That on-going ka-ching has a nice ring to it. Are your cash registers singing ka-ching, ka-ching?

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