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Hour of Power

Hour Of Power

What is ONE THING….

… You can do to improve your productivity?

More and more, I hear my clients say they are finding it harder to make time to do actual work!

They are looking for ways to be more productive and are convinced that they must be doing something wrong. There is no secret “one-size-fits-all” system to address this dilemma, but rather there are many approaches from which to choose. I suggest experimenting and trying various systems and methods to find what fits and works for you and your business. Read more

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Are You Leveraging Your Assets?

Do you take advantage of your greatest opportunities for growth? Most business owners and entrepreneurs do not recognize or take advantage of the assets they already have in their businesses. These resources offer the biggest opening for growth. And, leveraging these assets requires the least investment of both time and money.

The biggest of these “hidden” assets is your customer list, and it should be the most obvious place to begin leveraging. Let’s take a look at what leveraging really means. This word is used commonly in business settings, and I’ve come to realize that many small business owners don’t really know what it means for them. Read more

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Table 17 – Your Message Isn’t a Good One!

10 CellPhoneCrowdA colleague and I recently attended a breakfast networking event. We were impressed with the speaker who shared practical steps with attendees for increasing cash flow in their business; a subject that was of interest to many if the attendance numbers were any indication. Read more

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Customer Service Week

Customer ServiceThis is 2015 National Customer Service week. Initiated in 1992 with a Congressional proclamation, Customer Service week has been a recognized event during the first week in October. It is now celebrated in over 60 countries. Read more

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There Are No 2 Ways About It!

crazyclockThere are no two ways about it; we all have the same 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds in a day. But have you noticed that for some life is hectic and chaotic, while for others it appears to be smooth sailing? How is it for you? Read more

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It’s Raining Money!

Free MoneyLane Business Consulting has partnered with Copperstone Executive Suites for the upcoming Business Mastery Academy (BMA). The kick-off for the BMA is October 6th at 7:0o p.m.  Copperstone is financing a $50 per month grant for 10 businesses to sign up for this year-long intensive program, designed to accelerate your business success. With Copperstone’s investment, your cost is only $47 per month. Instead of simply “learning” skills, you will EXPERIENCE them.  You will be part of a supportive community, expand your business reach, generate solid referrals, and much more. To apply for a grant simply click here, scroll down the home page until you see the “raining money” picture. Read more

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How Dependable Are You?

be dependableBeing dependable is an essential factor in the business of building your reputation. Whether you are a consultant, a mechanic or a banker, it’s impossible to enjoy a good reputation without dependability.

Being dependable is really very simple and can be summed up in one sentence: Read more

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Answer The Phone!

Answer the Phone

Do you remember the “old days” when phones were just phones? The ability and perceived necessity to connect quickly caused phones to become a commodity. Now, phones have evolved into tiny computers or so-called “smart phones”. They suffer from “featuritis” and have apps for everything from address books, Internet access, e-mail, texting, IM, games, bookkeeping and other office applications, audio/video, camera, radio, TV, calculator to GPS! Even with all this, your smart phone lacks one special feature that only you can provide – and that is – phone etiquette! Read more

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All Hat / No Cattle

All Hat No Cattle

I came across this Texas saying that refers to someone who is all talk and no substance. This also suggests one of the biggest misconceptions of businesses owners They have a good idea for a business but don’t know how to pull it off. The same saying, all hat – no cattle, can also refer to the talked about desire to build a big business with little or no investment in the practical marketing and market development required to get the business moving. Read more