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Have you noticed that you have great and good intentions? Intentions such as walking every day, exercising, dusting the fan blades in the dining room, cleaning out the garage, unpacking the boxes in the garage from your move 10 years ago, writing a blog (yeah right!), calling your brother, going to the movie everyone is talking about, etc., etc.

If all it took was good intentions, then we’d all be healthy and fit, rich, living in picture perfect homes with a car in the neatly organized garage, published with a huge following and perfect in all ways imaginable.

Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between our intentions and the results we produce. Have you noticed?

Take a step back and recall the intentions that you set at the beginning of the year. Have you made great strides in reaching them? Is there a big or tiny gap between those intentions and where you currently are?

For many, the gap is really a chasm. The reality is that there is usually a significant difference between intentions and outcomes.

The truth is that intentions, however noble and righteous, will never pay your mortgage, help you run a marathon, pay off your credit card debt, pay attention to your loved ones, build a successful business or increase your revenue.

Do not be deceived into thinking that your good intentions are the same as producing results. They are not. Stop talking about what you intend to do and take some action. Actually put some skin in the game.

Let’s say your intention is to run a marathon and you’ve never run around the block, let alone a marathon! Where would you start? Invest in running shoes, perhaps? Start walking to build up stamina? Work with a coach? How would you get into action to be ready to run a marathon? Would you create a plan of action and actually do those actions every day?

Write down your intentions for the coming week. What actions are you willing to take to make those intentions a reality? It is the results that count. Pointing to your good intentions won’t win the game.

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